Top 5 Questions Patients Have About Dental Implants

Jun 01, 2023
Top 5 Questions Patients Have About Dental Implants
You now have an alternative to dentures and bridges when it comes to replacing missing teeth. If you haven’t already heard about dental implants, here’s what you need to know about this new standard of care.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)less than half of American adults have a complete set of permanent teeth, not including wisdom teeth. Tooth loss also increases as you get older. There’s little comfort in statistics when you’re dealing with tooth loss though the common nature of the condition means there’s demand for tooth replacement systems. 

For centuries, the solution was dentures, a technology that’s still in common use today. Dental bridges are another option, but like dentures and partial plates, bridges replace only the crown of a missing natural tooth. Older technologies don’t replace a tooth root. 

For that, we turn to dental implants. This three-part system is the strongest and longest-lasting tooth replacement method, fast establishing itself as the new standard of care. Dr. Ben Mohrman and the team at Affordable Dental East in Indianapolis, Indiana, specialize in dental implants, so we understand the questions that our patients have. Today, we answer five of the most common concerns. 

What’s unique about dental implants? 

Dental implant systems closely mimic the appearance, function, and structure of natural teeth. Unlike dentures and bridges, which replace only the crown of a lost tooth, implants stand in for both root and crown. Each implant consists of three parts to replace a lost tooth: 

  • Titanium post: the root replacement, best described as a screw base into your jaw
  • Abutment: an interface between the post and the replacement crown
  • Crown: made from porcelain or composite resins for a look that matches natural teeth

Dental implants are flexible. They provide one-on-one replacement and bridge replacement spans. They can even provide snap-on posts to support denture plates. 

How natural do implants look?

Porcelain and ceramic crowns have a long history providing look-alike stand-ins for natural teeth. Dental implants use these same materials for the visual portion of your teeth. The abutment and post are hidden beneath the gums. Implants provide perhaps the most natural appearance of any tooth replacement method. 

Does an implant affect my jaw?

The quick answer is yes, but it affects your jaw in a good way. A natural tooth moves a little when you bite or chew, stimulating the jawbone. This interaction keeps bone tissue fresh and healthy. Dentures can’t replace this stimulation, and that can lead to deterioration of bone over time. It’s one reason why the fit of dentures changes frequently. Implants mesh with bone tissue, a process called osseointegration, and stimulates bone renewal much like natural teeth. 

Do implants require special care? 

Once your mouth heals from implant surgery, there’s little change to your dental care routine. You brush and floss the same as you did with dental checkups every six months. With proper care, dental implants could last 25 years or longer. 

How long does implant surgery take?

The surgery to implant the post takes a single appointment. Other factors may affect your situation. Some patients need bone grafts to the jaw that must heal before implanting a post. Traditionally, there’s a waiting period as the post osseointegrates with the jaw, before an abutment and crown can be placed. Implant technology evolves, and there are systems that permit same-day implants in certain cases. 

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