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Beautiful Dental Bridges in Indianapolis, Indiana


Overcome Gaps With

Perfect Bridges

It’s something that most people don’t think about: what do I do if I lose my teeth? It’s a troubling question, but a good one. Gaps in your smile can transform a beautiful thing into a troubling image. We notice things that aren’t there, and it can lead to lower self-esteem.
No gap is too large for us to handle. If you’re missing a tooth or two, you can fix it with the addition of a dental bridge. Smaller than dentures but larger than veneers, a dental bridge allows you to smile with confidence. Choose this flexible option by negotiating with Affordable Dental today.

Dental Solutions for

Your Challenges

Even if your teeth are beyond repair, they’re almost always replaceable. Replacement teeth don’t have to involve a lengthy or invasive operation. Instead of settling for heavy-duty treatment, get the solution you can afford. A bridge looks just as beautiful and carries many of the same perks.
In short, a bridge is a piece of plastic sculpted to look like your missing tooth. It also has a couple of hollow side teeth. These are placed over neighboring teeth, resulting in a natural smile. Together with powerful cement and thorough maintenance, your new bridge will last a lifetime.

More Than Just

Personal Appearance

Dental health is about more than just good looks. Keeping your mouth in good condition will allow you to eat what you want. It will prevent speech impediments and other dental and oral conditions. With our assistance, it can secure your quality of life for years to come.​

Receive Adequate Dental Care Today

It’s hard to enjoy life without a full set of teeth. For many of us, however, that’s just the reality we live in. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to accept gaps in our smile.
Consult with Affordable Dental today. We care that you’re able to smile, talk and eat with confidence. Our dental bridges will grant you all of that for decades yet.